Every woman wants to stay young and beautiful up to a very old age. We appeal to various treatments, we use different creams and even surgical procedures, without really understanding what speeds the aging process. We present the most unusual habits that aging your skin!

  1. Sun exposure

We love the sun and the beautiful bronze. Yes, it is true that any skin looks better tanned, but health is first! The higher the exposure to the sun, the more aging and the risk of skin cancer is greater. It also applies to self-drilling centers.

  1. Constant stress

If it's about daily office stress or everyday stress, we need to learn to control this enemy of our health! When we are stressed, the body produces cortisol, a stress hormone that increases the number of enzymes that can break down collagen and elastin from the skin.

  1. Insufficient sleep

When you do not sleep as much as your body asks, the consequences are seen on our skin. Fatigue turns into wrinkles and puffy eyes. It is advised to regulate your sleep so that you go to bed at about the same time and wake up around the same time in the morning.

  1. Smoking

As we all know, specialists say that smoking ages even 10 years! Quit smoking and you will see major changes in your complexion! With a healthy diet and sports, you can give back the effects of smoking!

       5. Sleeping with makeup

Do you get home and forget to get rid of yourself? Totally wrong! The skin will not breathe, the pores will clog and prevent the regeneration process of the skin.

Regardless of your age, try to avoid these bad habits and you will be able to have a skin without imperfection, bright and beautiful!