Per Donna is an international producer and distributor of women's clothing that was born in 2005. The dress was from the beginning our visit card, but over the years, the range of products has diversified, including: coats, tents, , Bolero, trousers and blouses. Our products are characterized by elegance, style and good taste.
                The Per Donna team currently has over 70 employees and collaborators across the country, and their number is on the rise.
                We produce over 100,000 products annually, but production is in constant development and the number of products grows from year to year.
                Our products mainly address the middle market, offering quality at medium prices.
                Following the consolidation of our position on the Romanian market, our goal is to intensify our trade relations with the other countries in Europe. The number of clients is increasing due to the quality, the price and the professionalism that we prove to each honored order.
               In the future, we will continue to diversify our product range to meet the demands and expectations of our current customers, but we will also try to attract new audiences for other styles of vestimentary.

                                                                                 Top 5 Reasons to Collaborate With Us:

                                                                                    * We offer new products every day

                                                                                    * Variety of measures (36-58)

                                                                                    * Color diversity for each model

                                                                                    * Qualified staff, always ready to come to your aid

                                                                                    * Excellent quality / price ratio